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Managing My First Boutique

Needless to say, I was anxious.

Last October, my friend, Alaina of Alaina Nunez Photography, approached me about managing her boutique, The 3rd Annual Fall Harvest Boutique. After about three seconds, I shamelessly said , "Yes, sure I'll manage it." I had faithfully accepted the challenge with new hope and a desire to succeed.

I hadn't managed an event since high school (and back then I wasn't too successful- all I remember is panic attacks and a nervous breakdown occurring my Senior year; yeah I had a bought of depression and anxiety due to school & a breakup - but anyway). Fast forward to October 2017. Those thoughts, scars, and feelings of past disappointment and failure hadn't had the chance to rear their ugly heads in a while. I prayed to God for strength and discernment.

Wouldn't you know, The Lord came through and calmed me, like He always does; after a slight blow-up with my husband (sorry, Honey). I managed 9 vendors, including myself. It took plenty of time, planning, researching, organizing, following up with my hostess, the vendors, and potential customers. It was SO worth it! Thank you, Jesus!

There's my beautiful mom in the picture above (my no. 1 fan and my silent partner) Hi, Mom & Thank You!!!

We had many customers; foot and car traffic. The advertising had paid off. Vendors sold many items and many made new contacts and potential future clients. I believe the two most important things that made me a some-what calmed and approachable manager and vendor is the planning and the praying!

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