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Simplifying & Intentionality

Sometimes, the most simple answer is the correct one.

I'm about to become a mother for the fourth time; not counting my four babies I miscarried over the years. I need to be in a space, where my mind, body, soul, and business are cool, calm, collected, and simplified. I'm also working on being more intentional in all I do in life. I have an intent on being a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, and business woman. I know that takes time, energy, and focus.

There are lots of things I want to learn and create. When it comes to my business, I want to keep things super simple, since a new child in the mix, will, well, mix things up a bit. And, I don't want the overwhelm of managing multiple products (some which aren't even my favorites), that don't really inspire me or they may just complicate things.

So, I've streamlined my products (by preference). I've chose to focus only on my favorite products (to make & sell). Previous items are still available via email and by special request of course, but I don't plan on mass producing them at this point.

My streamlined & simplified product list, however, is the name of the game.

These products include the following:

*Organic Soap- Because I enjoy creating and want to soap like a boss!

*Organic Lip Balm- Because I love the way the balms smell and how smooth they are on my lips.

*Organic Linen Spray- Because I love a pleasant smelling home & car, and bedroom pillows too.

*Organic Beard Oil - Because I love making beard oil for the man I love...come to

think of it, it's time for a new bottle for my man's fancy mustache.

*Organic Body Butter - Because who could forget the silky cocoa butter brilliance of

the body butter.

So, I'm making this shift happen, and I couldn't feel more happy and confident about it. Feel free to check out my product's so much simpler to look at.

Until next time...Blessings.

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