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Soap, Soap On! Soap On, Soap On!

Hi There, Soap Lovers!

It's me, Gervaise! Just dropping a line to say let you know that new soaps are curing! They'll be ready for purchase very soon. We're taking pre-orders now, via email!

Need a gift for Mother's Day, wedding, birthday, Father's Day? Come on by the website ( and let me help you with your shopping needs! Our soaps are 100% natural, organic, and filled with beautiful essential oils and botanicals!

New Soap Bar choices include:


-Lavender & Rosemary


-Oatmeal, Mil, & Honey

-Beeswax & Honey

Currently working on:

-Chef's Coffee

-Eucalyptus & Spearmint

-Baby Soap

-Rosemary Soap

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